Vallancey - Collectanea de Rebus Hibernicis, Volume 4, Issue 12, Page 128

Vallancey - Collectanea de Rebus Hibernicis, Volume 4, Issue 12, Page 128
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periodical Publisher
The Antiquarian Society, 1782
periodical Editor
Vallancey, Charles
periodical Title
Vallancey - Collectanea de Rebus Hibernicis
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3 DE SCR IPtION OFmen of fcience, engravers of gold and flyer, car .vers, modellers, and nobles.SUIGHIUG}{ TIGHI MIDHC}jARTA AN. SO.a irn4ai deac in fo hiceachtar ada leithe & tn-athartha in gach imdai, VI fir deac hi ceachtar adaairetear & ochtur a rannairib & reachtajrejb &daileadhmnaibh in larther in tighe & dias hi ceach-tar ada imdai ifin dorus, cead fir huili in fri.t a bae & da thinne & da muice a proinnrainneadh coecat r ceachtar in da bo, &c. leth doIeath & leth illeith nailj, Bruidhean midcuarta ainniin tighifin.On the oppoftte page of the original, is a plan ofthe hail, and the fcite of the tables, with the namesof the houfh old, and the joints or parts of the beaftallotted to each, according to their rank. The planis twice the ze of the annexed plate, which, be-ing too fmall to have the names, &c. engravedn it, we have made ufe of references.ThAN-ties of Greece, and the Greek language, in which the NewTeftament was written, to follow the Greek language up to itsfource; and that the Hebrew and Ghaldetg languages mayreceive a great deal of illuifration from the irijb; that it gavercat light to the languages of America, particularly of thatfpoken about Darien, &c. &c.(h) Aofiiana, drators, learned men; from aos or aoJ d, acommunity; in Arabic, jzzet, and dana, learned men: Ianalfo implies poetry ; in Perfic, dana is learned, (do Jus) and inArabic, de#vani is a perfe poet.(i) 7 einid, a theep: Arab. Tinet and TImet, a the p of a (uperior kind, never allowed o go with the reft, but milkedat home, and only killed in fcarce fenton by the poor.(Richard Ion)..TAM4R HALLTRAN SLAT ION.519DESCRIPTiON OF THE BANQUETINGOR EATING HALJ..(k)Twelve flails or divifions in each wing, (with ta-bles) and paffages round them; fixteen attendantsor each ficle, eight to the afirologers, hifionians,and fecretaries, in the rear, of the hail, and twd toeach table at the door; one hundred guefis in all;two oxen, two theep, and two hogs, at each mea1,()) divided equally to each fide. The name of thehail is BRUIt)HEAN. (m)AN(k) Midhcuarta, i. e. teach fejia no curiae, i. e. MidI cuarta,is a feaffing or banqueting room. Vet. Glofs.(1) See the Bruighs explained in the Brehon Laws, No. _Preface, p. 34. 10 Arabic, burj, hofpitality : In Perfic, berkb,feaffing, burkendam, a carnival,(m) Proinn, a meal at noon, a contra&ion of bra, meat,- food, and noin, noon. Phit or fit, is a breakfalt, a back orfliort meal, from the Hebrew ri phet, a morfel or mouthful:the Latin prandium, is fuppofed to be derived from the Greek.. and a ,, i. e cibus-meridianus; but the Iberno Scythicproin.dia, a meal in the day-time, appears to be the ruot ofprandium and of The chief meal of the anciefltlrifh, was at even; and in the annexed plan, we find theball was lighted by torches and lamps: This meal was calledcuid, which implies a meal, iliare, portion, entertainment,andalfo a fupper. In Arabic, ReId and 4y 1 , is a portion, partor ihare; kedat, a colledtion of meat and drink; but kudas isthe Lords Supper, with the Chriftian Arabs: the confecr tedwafer is named by them k .yr jJ t,. from Rum, baked bread; ofwhich iafoine future number.I I
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Vallancey - Collectanea de Rebus Hibernicis, Volume 4, Issue 12

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