Vallancey - Collectanea de Rebus Hibernicis, Volume 4, Issue 12, Page 129

Vallancey - Collectanea de Rebus Hibernicis, Volume 4, Issue 12, Page 129
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periodical Publisher
The Antiquarian Society, 1782
periodical Editor
Vallancey, Charles
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Vallancey - Collectanea de Rebus Hibernicis
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ro DESCRIPTION OPAN OBSERVATION.Fulucht na morrighria an fo; blogh di feojihuim (n) & di fheoil fhnaithj & mit nimmiarfe &ni leagad anim & ba fonaith anom & ni ba loIfcthan bruidhi & moale no bitis a triur for in rubir, dodechatar tn naoi cuici feomra do cuimgid indeoine& IX naille inti & do bearad cach dib a ailil nalaim an ateagdis caichi & condri is cach dib forccoWa & no thocabtha combeag comard.TRANSLATION.The grandeur of the royal palace is here unn 2 -ticed; the quantities of meat and butter that wasdaily confumed there, furpafl es all defcription:there were twenty- ven kitchens, and nine cifternsfor wafhing hands and feet, a ceremony not dif-penfed with from the higheft to the loweft.Before we proceed to the explanation of the an-nexed plate, it will be neceftary to mention theranks of file, or philofophers and poets, as I findthem n another part of the fame manufcript, enti-tled, feac/it radh fileadh, 1. e. the feven degrees offile:ift. Ollamhan or Ollat h, zd. Anfruth, 3d. Cli,4th. Cana, th. DOS, 6th. Macfuirmidh, 7th. Foch-locc Students of three claffes, viz. i ft. 2 aman,2d. Dr /iu, 3 d. Oblaire.IhaveTA MAR HALL;I have not been able to tranflate all the feveraijoints and parts of the animal, with which each rankof the houfhold were ferved, fuch as I could notdifcover, I have left in the original Irifh.Martin, in his Defcription of the Weftern Ifles,gives fome little defcription of the dais of men weare going to explain; in p. I 15. he fays, the oratorain their language, called jfdane, (aofdana) (o) werein high efteem both in thefe iflands, and on thecontinent, until within thefe forty years; they: fatalways among the nobles and chief families theirhoufes and little villages were fan&uaries as wellas churches, and they took place before do ors ofphylic. After the Druids were extinct, the oratorswere brought in to preferve the genealogy of fami-lies, and t repeat the fame at every fucceflion of achief: they made alfo, epithalamiums and panegy-.tics on marriages, and births :and at p. 109, hefays, before money became current, the chieftainsin the Ifles, beftoweci the cows head, feet, and allthe entrails upon their dependants, fuch as the phy-fician, orator, pqet, bard, muficians, &c. and thefame was divided thus: the fmith had the head, thepiper had the, &c. &c.Mr. Martin probablytook this defcription from fome poor clan of thelfles; in our fcheme, the fmith had allotted to himmod, i. e. flefh without bones.N. B. I am nQt yet able to diftinguith the greatnumber of augurs, diviners and forcerers, menti-oned in the following lift; but hope, by the gene-rofity of Sir John Sebright, foon to be able to ex-plain (o) Dan, in Arabic, an orator; dana) Perfic, very karnedH(n) Uim, butter: H,b. aim.
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Vallancey - Collectanea de Rebus Hibernicis, Volume 4, Issue 12

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