Vallancey - Collectanea de Rebus Hibernicis, Volume 4, Issue 12, Page 130

Vallancey - Collectanea de Rebus Hibernicis, Volume 4, Issue 12, Page 130
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periodical Publisher
The Antiquarian Society, 1782
periodical Editor
Vallancey, Charles
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Vallancey - Collectanea de Rebus Hibernicis
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5 Z. DEscRrp TIoN opplain their various claiThs, having met with a his co1Ie Uon on the fubje .REFERENCES TO TH PLATE.TA BL E1. Marca:gh no .d raidh, cuinn doib & moer.Mailers of the horfe, the head and marrow tothem.. Citeare & limpanaicli, muic forman doibh.} Larpers and minfirels, (Come part of the hog,I know not which).. rthheamhaj i; lonchroichtj doib.Brehons or judges. 4. ,S uilitri & Taman, ( p) lonchroicht no rimh-- ckrochat doib.Heralds and tamans. . . Ollainh file, (q) loarcc do; anfruth, camcnaimh.Profellor of the file, the thigh to him; anfruth,crooked bones, (thins of beef).6. Bruigh(p) Taman: Taman is the latter part of the Hebrew com-pound chin-turn, a magician ; tarnan, i. e. t hide; this ex-preiTes the daik dpings pra&iled by thefe conjurers in theircaves, or in the udyta of the temples, with the obfcure am-biguity they ufed to return to their deluded clients; it im-plies purifications, lullrations, &c. wherein they undertookto expiate crimes, and to avert evils and plagues, by crimesmore black than any others, viz, by idolatrous rites and artsI I c. (Holloway, Orig. Phyf. and Theol. p. 223). Jo. ,the4arribeaa dialea, tarnan is a fervitor to the prieft.. (q) Ol/amb, Qllabh, or Ollaph, we find the word thus wrlt ten n the various MSS. Allup , in Phinnicjan and Hebrew, isda8or, magijier, princeps, direc7ar ; in Petite, ulern, a learnedman; a do tot, in Arabic, allan,, omnilcience; alan, jim,knowledge.1 AMAR HALL:52 36. Bruigli & aire tr;jiu, laracc doib;The bruigh and chief of the Driflu, fludentor File,Phela, in Hebrew, relateslto any thing which is beyond.common, as to knowledge, excellence, power. Our Irilh,fiiea, were philofophers, compofers of (neirneadh) odes, an-thems, &c. they were nib judges in fpiritual caufes underthe Druid; they were Ominators; hence,fal an omen.In Hebrew, philila judicium, t philla oratio: Chaldee,precatariurn, oratoriurn: In yriac, phil acute, phil -phd fubtiliterdifl eruit, (de re aliqua, itt in fcholis fieri folet). Phile-pheldifputatio fubtilis, cuta; fubtilitas, acumen in difputando& dijudicando: In . thiop. fal omen, fabal-fale ominator.Fale-fale t,ybab (in Irilh, tobair fail) fons fapientiit, Titulus &i.Pauli: Chaldee, philea interpretatio, fententia allegorica ¶bolica: Syriac, snephille Iyiaiphoniit Arab. fali elevatus,0 quidam vie !pretium divinationis: faal, a loothfayer ;fibi, excelling in any profeffion, efpecially poetry; Perfic, fatan omen ;filek, the Magi; a fmall number of the ancient Perfians were fo called, who adhered to the tenets of Zoroafter;they fled from the Arabians, in the feventh century, to thelile of Ormuz, and foon after took refuge at Surat and Gozurat, where their defcendants ftill remain under the name ofParJi. (Richardfon). This is the Phallan of t e Greeks;according to Diod. Sicul, they derived this deity front.&gypt, and miffook his attributes for ball pudendum; whichBait. PajJerius very properly corre&s, and derives frona theHebrew Phala; from whence ziphla arcanurn, niyfterium.(Lexic. A gypt. Heb. p. 15. 84).No word in the Irilh has been more miftaken by the mo- ii t Aderns, who have claffed the file with the bard; file is neime 4uafal, agus eafcap is neirne an eclais: the file and the bilhop, 4; : :It ., , fare both neirne or holy men, lays the old gloffarift; and cer ,,.iainly our file, was the philiu or ignicola Magus of the old * .Perfians. (See Hyde, p. 361). 1am of opinion, the GreekP ..aow is derived from this wordfile, compounded withfa_feas, i. e. eoqim: J in the Hiberno Scythic, is a prepofit, figni-fying aptnefs, goodnefs, excellence; (Arabic, zu) and feas isfcience, art, & forms many f the Greek and Latin coin-VOL.111. No. X II. T pounds,7. OgtairfairePheI ,
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Vallancey - Collectanea de Rebus Hibernicis, Volume 4, Issue 12

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